NISSOS GREEK FOOD is the new member of our family business  (est.1978 in Athens)

Our inspiration.

LESVOS island  : a beautiful "golden" island with sharp sea salt, strong sun, high mountains, wild Nature, ancient civilization and long history, full of aroma and unforgettable memories from grand-mom's and mom's cooking's, during the long summer vacations in the medieval village of Molyvos.

Our land.

   Having in hand our company's name reflecting Greece (where "nissos"= a big island) and the high quality of Lesvos' products - arising from the pure, gentle Mediterranean climate and the geographical position - we started our journey, searching, tasting, selecting the best Greek goodies and delicacies  from small family farms, cottage industries and small producers.

Our values.

Authentic Greek taste - traditional recipe - certified quality, these are our 3 basic products' selection criteria and our warranty for the culinary, nutritional and therapeutic value of NISSOS GREEK FOOD products .

Also, we "dressed" our recyclable - in majority- packagings with yiayia-Nitsa's handmade embroidery, so that product's quality is also highlighted by the award-winning packaging (LONDON ICOO AWARDS 2016)

We take care most of our delicacies to be :

What we do..

Being the sole dedicated & specialized in Lesvos' products supplies, for both, food service and retail sectors, Nissos Greek Food :

* supports small greek producers
* promotes greek diet
* spreads the value of traditional Lesvos' cuisine
* approaches modern consumers with innovative thus taditional tastes

What our clients do..

- "refresh" their collections & the interest / loyalty of their customers

- follow market trends, expanding their clientele (with local, free from, health protective products)
- save time and money in finding / acquiring new products

This way, they enjoy :

* increase in turnover AND profitability

* clientele expansion
* continuous development & growth
* positive customer reviews
* savιing money

Nissos Greek Food products are chosen by:  

- Fine food service and retail food distributors
- Fine/Luxury restaurants, catering and hotels
- Chain of  stores, delicatessen, healthy Greek / Mediterranean / Vegan food stores

Last but not least, Nissos Greek Food is the only company of the Greek market that is specialized in Lesvos' products supplies, for both, food service and retail sector!

Nissos Greek Food products are made for ..

modern consumers that are seeking to "find the roots", to elevate the quality of their life through healthy diet, well being, fine body form, culinary delight , fashionable style and contemporary lifestyle for their clientele, themselves and their family members.

* * *


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